Friday, 31 July 2009

I'm Back......To a lovely award from Sue

Hi everyone I am back and hoping to get on with some cards this week. Well what a fortnight it has been and I can't believe that my brother will be going back to Australia on Tuesday, where has the time gone. We had a fantastic time celebrating my parents 50th and then to top it all my younger brother proposed to his girlfriend in the early hours after the party. It was lovely and I am so happy for them. On a sad note though, I got up on Tuesday had a shower and got dressed ready to go out and meet the family only to find as I was walking up the road that my wedding and engagement rings were not on my finger. I had noticed a couple of times that they were slipping a bit as my fingers had got a bit thinner but never for the life of me thought that they would slip off and I would not realise. I have had the house upside down and have walked numerous time up and down the road hoping that I may get lucky but to no avail. I have been so upset but I think I have got to face it that they have gone.

Which brings me on to when I checked my blog tonight, which I haven't for the last fortnight, only to find that I have been left a lovely award from a very talented lady called Sue who has been reading my blog, and I would just like to say thank you so very much, it has really cheered me up. Pop on over to see Sue's lovely creations for herself, I know that I will be visiting often. Now I just need to work out how to pass it on.


  1. Well done on the award. Hope you find your rings soon too. Have sent you an e-mail with the dimensions you requested, hope they are of use to you. Off now to look around your lovely creations.

  2. Thanks Max it was because of you I emailed, I thought I'd missed the deadline. It will be great working with you, I'm on a dt with En and blog with Ann a lot so it will be home from home. janex