Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Thank You

Well it is nearly the end of my birthday but I can honestly say that even though I had to go to work and then straight onto standing on the sidelines of a football pitch in the pouring rain watching Benn at training, I had a very nice day. I got lots of lovely pressies and lots of lovely cards. I am very lucky that I have made some really nice cyber buddies who have sent me lots of good wishes and some beautiful cards, so I would really love to thank each and everyone of you, it has meant so much to me. Here are the wonderful card I have received from the lovely girls over on the Cricut MB, aren't they gorgeous.
From Kerry
From Michelle (Craftylicious)

From Michelle (Mitch)
From Lucy
From Sandra

From EileenFrom Kate


  1. Ah Happy Birthday, glad you had a lovely day, even if you did get wet lol. Your cards are beautiful.

  2. So - hello, I had to leave a comment for you because you have a beautiful blog. I love your creative and interesting header shot, and got really absorbed reading your well written posts. Great pictures too ! Thank you for sharing them, best wishes...

  3. Oh Max I didn't know so Belated happy birthday wishes to you! You had some gorgeous cards there. Hope you had a wonderful day!