Monday, 19 March 2012

My Latest Craze - Jewellery Making

I thought I would show you some ChainMaille jewellery that I have been making recently.  I saw this technique a while back using jump rings and must admit to being slightly hooked , it has also got me itching to do a bit more jewellery making as I found it was quite therapeutic when I had lost my mojo for cardmaking.  At least now I will have something else to do when I am lost for inspiration when making cards.

Sorry about the rubbishy photos , yes that is another thing on my evergrowing list of things I "NEED" a decent camera lol.

Hope you like them and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Max
    I have been making a lot of jewellery recently.I love these bracelets you have made. Now I haven't got as much patience as you to do these!

    Hugs Sarah x

  2. They all look great Max, love the vibrancy of colours.

    B x

  3. Wow Max they are stunning and so colourful. I love them.