Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Designer Bag

A few days ago while blog hopping I came across this very talented lady called Adela Rossol who creates the most adorable templates.
I fell in love with this one immediately as for my 40th birthday my lovely hubby bought me a Mulberry bag in exactly the same shape as this. As soon as I saw this the possibilities that came to me where endless and I had to have a go straight away. I have got to say that it is just so easy to make up and it is just so cute.
The one I have made here was to give to my stepdaughter to hold her birthday present. I can certainly feel a lot more of these coming on.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments, it really means a lot to me.


  1. Oh Max this is absolutely gorgeous! It looks so real!

  2. Beautiful Bag Max I love Mulberry bags too !! I am now off to checkout your friends blog thanks for sharing xx

  3. Wow Max
    This is so beautiful
    You clever girl!!!
    Love Sarah XXX
    p.s. I can't remember which craft show I met you at. Was it Ally Pally? I am there on Saturday on Hotshotcrafts. If you are there It would be great to see you and say hello

  4. Wow it is gorgeous Max, doesn't look like its made of card!

  5. So super pretty. It looks so real, how wonderful.

  6. Absoltely fab Max, hope the spa was great too. janex

  7. Wow this is stunning dear, just adore that bag thanks for the link, your colour scheme is perfect
    Hugs Jacqui x