Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow, snow and snow

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow, the kids are for sure but it certainly is treacherous out there. I started out for work (20 miles away) when my boss rang and told me to turn round and go back home. I have had some fun with Benn who has now gone out with his friends and am wrapped up warmly with a nice hot cup of coffee.

I don't have a card today but thought you make like to see my little furball (Coton du Tulear) in the snow this morning. He absolutely loves it and goes bananas running around in it. The only problem is the snow sticks to his fur which is just like cotton wool (hence his breed name) and makes huge ice balls making it impossible for him to move his legs in the end but that still doesn't deter him, I just end up having to put him in the bath to desfrost him lol

Well whatever you are doing, do it safely.


  1. Hi Max, he is just gorgeous! So cuddly. Snow is pretty deep here too and driving is getting bad, what a nice boss you have telling you to stay at home! Take care

  2. olie , is so cute a little snow pup. Try the hairdryer for defrosting, I do , works great. Don't even try work , we can't move the car, bad here. My brother has been off work for 3 days, his car is still under snow. I had a 10 min jorney took near 3 hrs not fun.Just craft, our challenge is going great guns, i must catch up! janex

  3. Hi Max
    Hope you are well and happy new year...sorry not been by in a while.
    I love the snow if I can stay indoors and keep warm. Your little dog is cute!!
    So wish we were back in Tenerife, christmas was lovely there. Hope you had a lovely time too.
    Hugs Emma x

  4. Oh max what a little darling your doggie is i am in looove lol Hope you have a wonderful New year Thankyou for Your friendship and support for cute daisy may

  5. Hi Max, he is so cute! Make the most of you snow day,
    big hugs
    En xx